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Sharon Martin
Reiki Master-Teacher, provides group and individual training in the areas of Reiki, Meditation and Dowsing.

Sharon's Links
Fort Wayne Reiki Alliance

Sharon is one of the co-founders of the Fort Wayne Reiki Alliance, a networking and educational group for Reiki practitioners.

This fall she expanded her training programs by learning meditation techniques for children and teens. Sharon plans to work with parents and children to understand the benefits of mediation and to use these concepts as a foundation for those children wishing to learn Reiki.

In private sessions, she includes vibrational energy therapies along with Reiki. This fall Sharon explored the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a unique form of acupressure in which the practitioner guides the client to stimulate well-established energy meridian points on the body by tapping on them, thus balancing and clearing energy blocks.

Sharon also offers private consultations in LifeMapping. Based on Tarot Archetypes, a LifeMap profile is a visual map of consciousness that provides insight into an individual’s total life experiences from birth, to the present and beyond. An individual's profile displays the possibilities for growth, opportunities, expansion and challenges that can be discovered during an individual’s life.

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