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Ken Prather

Ken's Links

Reaching for Joy

A Day Away Program

Ken's Story

Ken Prather had his first near death experience, an out of body experience, when he was 9 years old. When he was 49 years old he was attacked and beaten by 5 men with bats. He was on life-support for 32 days, three months in the hospital and three years in a nursing home. It was during his time on life-support that he had his second near death experience, having total organ failure and fracturing his spine. This near death experience taking him to the light within the light.
He was told he would never walk again and went to the nursing home for physical rehabilitation. While in the nursing home as a patient he would sense the souls of the other patients near death. By holding their hands he would give them comfort and share the light he experienced. Hospice heard about his abilities and contacted him. Ken has now been a Hospice Volunteer Grief and Transition Counselor for 12 years.
Ken is also a volunteer at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Black Pine Animal Park, and Seven’s Heaven Wildlife Refuge working as an Docent, Animal Handler and Communicator.
Ken’s website,, provides information of near death experiences, spiritual awareness, grief and bereavement counseling, depression and much more. He started Reaching for Joy as a discussion group to reach out to others while still in the nursing home.
Ken has also started a program called “A Day Away” that provides one day wishes to terminally ill children.
Please check out both websites for more information on both of the programs as well as more information about Ken’s amazing story.

“It was after Ken Prathers second Near Death Experience that he became a volunteer Grief and Transition Counselor. Kens journey with the terminally ill helps bridge their transition from the Earthly plane to the Other Side. Ken knows where the terminally ill are going and by going through Near Death Awareness they can see/feel were Ken has been. Come and visit with Ken as he shares many amazing After Death Communications that the terminally ill has shared with him. These After Death Communications are extremely comforting to the terminally and the families making this journey with them. Near Death Awareness is better known as Previews Of Coming Attractions. It is during Near Death Awareness that the terminally ill CAN/WILL be visited by friends, family, and even their PETS that have crossed before them. Come visit with Ken as he takes you on a journey into Near Death Awareness and After Death Communications.”

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