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Tuesday - Friday 12-6

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Located at:
7722 Lima Road
Fort Wayne, IN
(260) 489-6707
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My Story

My name is Diane and I am the owner of Elderberry Tree House Shoppe. The shoppe has been a dream of mine for a number of years, although, I had not always envisioned it as a metaphysical book and gift shoppe. Years ago I was going to open a bakery, then that changed to a restaurant, then thoughts of a tavern, but although these were all things I had an interest in I was not passionate about them.

All my life I had felt like there was MORE. I had read books on Wicca, Feng Shui, Mind Control, Etc. Sometimes these were hard to find! My favorite place has always been in the woods, especially in autumn. Just the smell of the earth and the trees, and if there was a stream I was in Heaven. I could always be at peace there. The books, the learning, and the earth, these are the things I have been passionate about all my life!

A few years back my life was turned up-side down, by a divorce after 30 years, my mother passing away, my children needing strength from me, my father needing care. I was in turmoil as so many of us are. And I was still searching for my nitch. Then my job began to fall apart...... Well, long story short, I woke up and started paying attention. Other people are searching for something more too. Fate, Grace, God, the Great Spirit, whatever word you use, started bringing things into my life (they might have been there before but, I just wasn`t ready for them). I went to a seminar put on by the Women's Bureau about starting you own business, then another seminar about loans. I applied and got a loan. I started by stocking the things I am interested in and from the feedback I am receiving others are interested in it as well. I also ask my customers if there is something else they would like to see me carry at the store and I will try to stock it. I have met so many interesting and knowledgeable people since opening (June 2005) and I am learning more about different believes and paths every day. I feel so blessed and thankful to be were I am today and to have my wonderful daughters and son to help me in the shoppe!

I am and will always be a seeker of knowledge of the unknown, as I believe that is how we grow and evolve and if you are too, stop by the shoppe and introduce yourself and perhaps we can share our knowledge as we travel on this journey of life.

Bright Blessings to you and yours, Diane

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