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Reiki Training Series

Dishamony in the body can cause disease, pain and emotional blocks. Reiki, an ancient healing practice, facilitated by light touch, supports general will being and strengthens our natural ability to heal by encouraging balance on every level - physical, mental and emotional. ANYONE can learn how to use Reiki for self-healing and healing others. Learining Reiki involves instruction, practice and a subtle vibrational transmission of energy from a qualified Reiki Master.

Reiki Level I

  • Focuses on physical and self-healing
  • Energy, Intention and Permission
  • Meditation
  • Hands on techniques
  • Class Fee $70

Reiki Level II

  • Focuses on mental and emotional healing
  • Distance healing/non-touch healing techniques
  • Recieve the first 3 symbols
  • Hands on techniques
  • Prerequsite Level I
  • Class Fee $70

Reiki Level III - Master Level: Becoming An Intuituve Healer

  • Basics of Energy Healing
  • Teaching Reiki and Attuning Others
  • Building a Reiki Practice
  • Hands on Techniques
  • Prerequisite Level I and II
  • Class Fee $195 (includes The Reiki Teacher's Manual by Tina Zion)

Instructor: Sharon K. Martin, Reiki Master-Teacher, provides group and individual training in the areas of Reiki, Meditation and Dousing. In private sessions, she includes vibrational energy therapies along with Reiki. Sharon also offers Life Mapping with a private consultation.

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