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The Journey of Now

Come and join us for an intense journey into the transforming power of the healing light! Ken will share his near death experiences with you along with the spiritual planes of the other side. For its within this soul searching workshop that you shall enter into a meditation ritual that will take you deep within the spiritual planes where the journey of now begins. You will experience the rebirth of your own soul on this beautiful journey.

You shall hear stories of miracles and gifts that Ken has been witness to and been a part of in his 11 years of Hospice transition counseling. Ken has had two near death experiences with the second one in 1998 taking him into the light within the light. He is the founder of the outreach programs Reaching for Joy and A Day Away. Ken is a presenter and speaker to many IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) groups across the nation and has given presentations at the IANDS national conventions. He is associated with The Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo, Black Pine Animal Park and Sevens Heaven Wildlife Refuge were he serve as a critter counselor, animal communicator and handler. Ken's interactions with the Native Americans have taken him to the nations of the Lakota, Cherokee, Choctaw, Pueblo and Miami.

So come for a very rewarding journey into the higher planes. You will journey within the same plane that those in transition go through on their journey to the other side. Your journey into the now shall also take you to the higher planes where the souls of animals and nature exist. Come journey with Ken and other light minded souls as our journey begins now!

Reaching for Joy

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